Compressor Technology Queensland specialise in selling a wide range of compressors that can meet any demand in a range of industries. We can provide your business with the best solution with regards to air requirements and energy savings.


Alongside capital sales, a major focus is servicing. We carry out all levels of servicing from airend rebuilds to major component replacements. Preventative maintenance programs are highly valued to minimise the risk of production loss. Service plans can be implemented for new compressor installations or existing compressors of any brand.


All new equipment such as compressors, receivers or dryers are installed by our own expert service team as part of the sale. By keeping the installation work done in-house, a high level of quality is maintained whilst reducing the costs. Compressor Technology Queensland is highly flexible and capable of doing installation on weekends at no extra cost.


Further to compressor installation work, Compressor Technology Queensland can install the full requirement of plant pipework. This can be performed as part of compressor installation or as a separate need where no compressor needs to be installed.


In the situation that your company has a compressor breakdown, Compressor Technology Queensland can rent a temporary compressor whilst the broken down unit is repaired or whilst you wait for a new one to replace it. Rentals are only offered in these situations and not as a standard hire business.


Our service team here at Compressor Technology Queensland can perform site audits to analyse and evaluate current practices to see how efficiently the plant if performing. This service includes analyzing load/unload cycles, bar pressures and air requirements.